• Wash your denim inside out. This will help preserve the colour and finish.


  • Wash your denim with like colours. Dark denim colours may bleed into lighter colours.


  • Wash your denim in cold water. Washing in hot water will shrink the fabric and speed up the fading process.
  • Hang your jeans to dry. Do not dry your jeans in the dryer. Especially those with spandex; the heat from the dryer can damage the spandex.


  • Take special care when wearing a pair of dark jeans for the first time. Surface dye on dark jeans can rub off onto your light colour clothing and chairs


  • Take special care when washing for the first time a pair of dark denim jeans. For the first wash, wash your jeans separately, add a small amount of vinegar to the water; this will help set the colour.




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